Sunday, June 26, 2011

Doggelganger - Recognition

Doggelganger has now officially had the most traffic and involved the most hard core hosting infrastructure for a short term campaign site I have produced.

Without getting into boring specifics we're nearing on 2 million visits, 750,000 matches, from over 200 countries. Hosting infrastructure and application architecture has been steadily evolving to meet the needs of the application and interest it's attracting online, in social media, in foreign and domestic media and probably most of all from people who have used it -> loved it -> and shared it.

If it's done one thing for me it's opened my eyes to the possibilities hosting in the cloud will offer truly successful & viral large scale web applications AND more importantly some of the application and hosting architecture planning work that MUST be done in advance to plan for campaigns go nuts like this one.  Retrofitting apps designed for 50,000 Visits to handle 2 million Visits can be a 'mare if you don't have a great team.

It's been great this week to get some recognition:

Full credit to Aaron, Levi and the team for the idea, Colin & Paul for the build and also Greg at Oxigeno for supplying awesome Hardware and ongoing network support & consultancy to keep the hosting solution evolving. And of course everyone else at Colenso, Glen at NEC, the brave team at Mars / Pedigree. Nice one.