Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's Next After Web 2.0?

Average Article on ReadWriteWeb on what impact the finanical crisis is having on where Web technology is heading including some picks and trends by their 'experts' which are all to predictable...

What's Next After Web 2.0

To sum up in a few words; Semantic, Google, Acquire, Web Services, Open, Facebook.

Come on! There's nothing new here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Google Reflex

Read this interesting article on Gen Y insights blog about the different ways Gen Y'ers and Baby Boomers shop.

Baby Boomers trust the sales person, traditional advertising and marketing and often relinquish control of a transaction. In a store they can often be heard saying "Which one would you buy....", "What would you recommend..."

Whereas Gen Y have developed a distrust for traditional sales and marketing. Before they visit the store, they have researched online, read reviews and know everything they need and what to buy.

Most likely starting with Google. It calls this the "Google Reflex". I know this has been true for me when researching products or services for a very long time - I have almost got to the point where I think shit website = shit company or product.

How do Sales and Marketing teams handle this?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Zealand On Air

Cool site that Sam sent me - OURNEWZEALAND

Maybe my brother should have made a small vid of his latest fishing adventures and skited to the world - not just me.

How come he gets to go fishing every day, while I work. Check it out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cool Brand Tags

This is kinda cool. The idea is that you are shown a logo and enter a word that associate with that brand and then you can see all the "tags" that others have given that brand in a big tag cloud.

E.g. The tag cloud for Walmart shows that the word "evil" is pretty big - but "cheap" is even bigger!

Brand Tags

Friday, April 25, 2008

Does marketing on Facebook actually work?

I'm not so sure yet but Facebook have published a book to tell you how to do it - "Facebook Insider's Guide to Viral Marketing"

Here's a synopsis

"Many businesses, from leading global brands to favorite local bands, are enjoying tremendous impact using Facebook Pages for free viral marketing. Check out some key strategies from the most successful businesses on Pages:

1) Regularly adding engaging and useful content
2) Letting fans participate in the conversation
3) Expanding their distribution with Facebook Ads

We’ve collected some of these winning strategies—along with the nuts of bolts of how to create and manage a Page—into an Insider’s Guide to Viral Marketing"

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Great Extensible CSS, JavaScript, AJAX Article and Examples

I never thought I'd be posting about code but I couldn't resist - the Highly Extensible CSS Interface is a series of 4 articles, tutorials, an awesome working sample website and fully downloadable source code which are too good to ignore. If you're a NZ user interface designer/coder and want to lift your game this is a great place to start.

Links to the full demo site, tutorials and downloadable files are collected nicely on this page .

Here’s what to expect:

  • Part One: The Foundation - brief discussion of importance of producing visually rich interfaces with semantic, accessible, and portable markup underneath.
  • Part Two: CSS Selectors & jQuery - Articles shift into discussion of code (and start losing me :-)
  • Part Three: Adding Ajax Interactivity
  • Part Four: Testing for Extensibility

YouTXT no more. Long live YouTXT

My time at YouTXT has come to an end. YouTXT the business continues and I'm sure will grow to be successful under Sam Allen's awesome leadership but I am no longer a Director or shareholder.

Some recent developments.

Awesome work by Sam and JD. I wish them all the best and will keep a keen eye on their progress.

Find out more about YouTXT on their blog or website.