Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Chemical Brothers

Hmm.. I think I'll go to the Chemical Brothers in February.

Get a baby sitter, and a small posse together, and make a night of it.

I am not their biggest fan today but their music is a part of my history growing up in the mid 90's and early 2000's and so many good memories. Their big beat, techy electronica along with the big warehouse and venue trance (shame) parties of the day got me hooked on electronica. My musical taste may have changed (for the better) but I still love hearing the cheesy big tracks like Elektrobank, Hey Boy, Hey Girl and Block Rocking Beats.

I've never seen them live but their live shows are meant to be sick (am I too old to use that word :-) Seeing these videos on YouTube from Glastonbury earlier in the year has twisted my rubber arm.

There's 3 others in the series


Frank said...

If I was still in NZ Chemical Brothers would be top of my list, closely followed by Rage Against the Machine at the Big Day Out. said...

I bought seven tickets the day they went on sale! Guess I might see you there Haydn.

btw, your son looks a corker, takes after his mum does he? :)