Monday, May 21, 2007

2007 Web 2.0 Award Winners Announced

SEOmoz has announced the winners of their annual Web 2.0 awards. Although there were a few surprises it was great to see Threadless recognised as the premier Web 2.0 retail site - something I've been saying for ages :-)
There were no kiwi sites there but it was great to see Grant Robinson get a mention for his truly addictive "Guess-the-Google"
It also made be stop and think that so many of these winning sites are part of (almost) everyday life on the web. Think about it -
  •, Digg - Social tagging / news
  • LinkedIn - isn't everyone?
  • YouTube
  • Google - iGoogle is my home page + Google Reader, Docs, Analytics, AdWords, Gmail and Blogger
  • Picasa organises my photos on my machine and online
  • LastFM is what i listen to at work (and it listens to me too)
  • And that's just for starters - there's many more that did not win awards such as TradeMe


Rodrigo said...

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