Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dapper opens up the web

Dapper is one of the more interesting applications I've used in a while. It is pretty cool.

Essentially, Dapper lets you create an API for any website which you can use to access the content of your choice, without needing to use RSS or programming. Once you choose, group and tag the specific information you want on a web page, it is stored as XML and can be accessed programatically or transformed into many formats including HTML, RSS, Google Maps, Email Alerts and more.

Simple uses include creating an RSS feed for a site that doesn't have one. More advanced is the mash-up site Magg which aggregrates the "latest and greatest movies" (their words - not mine) from various websites including Google, YouTube, MySpace etc. I'm still waiting to see a more commercial use however....

I only tried it yesterday and the UI is reasonably intuitive but the process for creating a Dapper takes a couple of go's to get used to so if you want to try it out - start with the demo on the home page.


Anonymous said...

If you like Dapper then I think you should check out

Haydn Thomsen said...

Wow - OpenKapow seems much more powerful than Dapper, but requires a stronger knowledge of programming techniques. TechCrunch have done a nice comparison of Yahoo Pipes, Teqlo, Proto, OpenKapow and Dapper