Friday, January 12, 2007

Apple launches iPhone

So Apple has finally launched the iPhone... and what a phone it is!

Even though I've worked with Microsoft products, for Microsoft aligned companies and now for a Microsoft Gold Partner I am continually impressed by the innovation shown by Apple. From the iPod to the lovely new iMacs which are as close as a computer will get to a design classic Apple continually seem to be the 1st movers in user interface design, building products that people actually want, and doing really smart things with already existing technologies. The soft keyboard on the new iPhone is a classic example - touchscreens have been around for donkey's but by using it on the phone they have removed any constraints on the software placed by the hard keyboard. E.g. Too small, impossible to update. iPhone is all about the software.

Rod Drury has an interesting article on "Why Apple wins" with some great comments by his readers. He's even gone as far as buying some Apple shares which looks like a great investment!

Not to take the shine off the launch but it seems as if Apple didn't do everything in the right order and Cisco are suing them for Trademark infringement because they apparently acquired the Trademark for the "iPhone" name when they purchased Linksys. Here's the original iPhone - doesn't quite measure up does it...


Haydn Thomsen said...

Sorry for commenting so late in the piece - it looks like I missed out a great discussion, but..... I see one flaw in the iPhone story.

There has been plenty of talk about how by having the phone run a full version of OSX and making it all about the software will open up the way for development of a suite of great applications and widgets. I'm not sure this will happen - at least not quickly anyway.

Apple have locked down their O/S tight - always have done, and won't be allowing 3rd party developers to write applications for the iPhone. In fact, Steve Jobs even went as far to say so in a Newsweek interview "..You don’t want your phone to be an open platform..." which I take to mean that all applications will either be developed by Apple Inc, or strongly vetted by them.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for Microsoft - by letting their dev community (which is probably the strongest - and certainly the largest) continue to develop innovative apps for Windows Mobile devices, they may just come out on top.

Don't get me wrong - I think the iPhone is a sexy device, want one now and even went as far to post on my blog about it (shameless plug).

URL of Newsweek interview with Steve Jobs -