Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Last Post - Haydn Thomsens career and portfolio has moved to Tumblr

Unfortunately I don't update this blog anymore.

For my latest work at Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand - check out my portfolio -

Many examples of great campaigns and award winning digital work can be found in my portfolio too -

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Doggelganger - Recognition

Doggelganger has now officially had the most traffic and involved the most hard core hosting infrastructure for a short term campaign site I have produced.

Without getting into boring specifics we're nearing on 2 million visits, 750,000 matches, from over 200 countries. Hosting infrastructure and application architecture has been steadily evolving to meet the needs of the application and interest it's attracting online, in social media, in foreign and domestic media and probably most of all from people who have used it -> loved it -> and shared it.

If it's done one thing for me it's opened my eyes to the possibilities hosting in the cloud will offer truly successful & viral large scale web applications AND more importantly some of the application and hosting architecture planning work that MUST be done in advance to plan for campaigns go nuts like this one.  Retrofitting apps designed for 50,000 Visits to handle 2 million Visits can be a 'mare if you don't have a great team.

It's been great this week to get some recognition:

Full credit to Aaron, Levi and the team for the idea, Colin & Paul for the build and also Greg at Oxigeno for supplying awesome Hardware and ongoing network support & consultancy to keep the hosting solution evolving. And of course everyone else at Colenso, Glen at NEC, the brave team at Mars / Pedigree. Nice one.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Doggelgänger – a human to canine pairing innovation to help find homeless dogs homes

Colenso BBDO, in conjunction with PEDIGREE, has created a campaign using facial recognition software to connect homeless dogs to their human doubles.

The state-of-the-art interspecies comparison software analyses your facial features and compares them with a nationwide database of real dogs looking for adoption.
Find your match now at

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Colenso BBDO named 2010 Interactive Agency of the Year

We were awarded 2010 Interactive Agency of the Year at the B & T Awards in Australia on December 2010.


Pretty good for a team of 4 full time 2010 staff:
Aaron Turk - Creative Director
Haydn Thomsen - Senior Digital Producer
Simon Koay and Tim Smith - Digital Creatives
During the year we also had Matthew Visser join us and used some of the best freelancers or companies I've ever worked with - especially Salted Herring -

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Evolution is judged Site of the Day by FWA

The Evolution game was judged Site Of The Day by the FWA on October 15th. It was developed for Frucor's V Energy Drink - NZ's most popular energy drink.

FWA stands for Favourite Website Awards, an industry recognised internet award program and inspirational portal, established in May 2000.

FWA is the most visited website award program in the history of the internet, with over 100 million visits as of August 2010.

Check out evolution on FWA -

or play the game itself and help my KPI's (campaign closes on 19th October :-) -

Awesome creative, copy, idea, making it happen - Aaron Turk
Beautiful illustrations and artwork like no other - Watermark
Development - David Colquhoun
Client who trusted us - Frucor
And all the suits on the V account at Colenso BBDO; Jessica, Stefanie, Tim & Angela
Producer - me

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Colenso BBDO: Work and Recognition

Kapiti Art Project
YEAR: 2009
CATEGORY: Screen Content
AWARD: Online Film
URL: Kapiti Collection Website
Senior Creative Interactive: Aaron Turk
Interactive Production Company - Salted Herring
Interactive Producer - Haydn Thomsen

Changing The Way You Fly
YEAR: 2009
AWARD: Website Design and Art Direction
ADVERTISER: Air New Zealand website taken down so see Air New Zealand Changing The Way You Fly website
Creative Director - Aaron Turk
Account Director - Cath Bosson
Senior Creative Interactive - Aaron Turk
Interactive Design - Simon Koay
Interactive Producer - Hamish Wanhill & Haydn Thomsen
Developer - Tim Smith

Alzheimer's New Zealand - Early Warning Signs
YEAR: 2009
CATEGORY: The Big Awards
AWARD: 360 Axis
ADVERTISER: Alzheimer's New Zealand - Early Warning Signs
CREDITS: Executive Creative Director - Nick Worthington
Art Director - Lisa Fedyszyn & Jonathan McMahon
Copywriter - Jonathan McMahon & Lisa Fedyszyn
Account Director - Gemma Findlay
Planner - Hayley Pardoe
Agency Producer - Phil Newman
Agency Radio Producer - Gemma Heyes
Interactive Design/Developer - Tim Smith
Interactive Producer - Haydn Thomsen

360 + Axis on Caanz Website

Vodafones 10th Birthday, Pass the Parcel

YEAR: 2009
AWARD: Mobile
REEL: Vodafone Pass The Parcel reel on Caanz website or on my Carbon Made portfolio

Executive Creative Director - Nick Worthington
Account Director - Jenny Wildner
Account Manager - Celeste Pulman
Planner - James Hurman
Senior Creative Interactive - Alexandra Spirat
Interactive Producer - Haydn Thomsen
Digital Strategy - Adam Good
Mobile Development - Run The Red

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Code Blacks win Full Code Press 2009

Yeah baby.

It was hard, it was cool and we did it - winning the FCP2009 vs the Australian team. Towards the end of the 24 hours I realised it was less about the competition and more about doing something great for our clients and team mates. But I still wanted to win.

The test Rainbow Youth website can be seen here (may break once site is live live)
There's a FullCodePress YouTube channel that has heaps of interviews with the teams, and judges and others. Probably really lame unless you're one of them.
And heaps of other stuff floating around the the InterWeb

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Selected for the Code Blacks

I am privileged to be a part of the 2009 Code Blacks - The NZ team of Web Geeks travelling to Sydney on May 11th to take part in the 2nd FullCodePress competition.

The rest of the team are/seem to be very experienced and well known in NZ Web circles. Not exactly sure how UI was selected as PM but it may have something to do with my very much fly by the seat of my pants approach to project management. Although I have trained and been involved in many different 'official' or company project management methodologies from Prince 2 to Shift and Intergens fairly solid waterfall methodologies and even dabbled in Agile, I find that if you are working with true professionals who are good at what they do then a more relaxed approach can win every time. Think good communications, visual tools where ever possible and just go for it.

Many people will not agree but it always seems to get the job done - and done well.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's Next After Web 2.0?

Average Article on ReadWriteWeb on what impact the finanical crisis is having on where Web technology is heading including some picks and trends by their 'experts' which are all to predictable...

What's Next After Web 2.0

To sum up in a few words; Semantic, Google, Acquire, Web Services, Open, Facebook.

Come on! There's nothing new here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Google Reflex

Read this interesting article on Gen Y insights blog about the different ways Gen Y'ers and Baby Boomers shop.

Baby Boomers trust the sales person, traditional advertising and marketing and often relinquish control of a transaction. In a store they can often be heard saying "Which one would you buy....", "What would you recommend..."

Whereas Gen Y have developed a distrust for traditional sales and marketing. Before they visit the store, they have researched online, read reviews and know everything they need and what to buy.

Most likely starting with Google. It calls this the "Google Reflex". I know this has been true for me when researching products or services for a very long time - I have almost got to the point where I think shit website = shit company or product.

How do Sales and Marketing teams handle this?